World of Thermo… Story 18… When the Volcano Blows

Story 18.                             When the Volcano Blows

“Carlos, you are kicking me in the head plus I can’t see. Now hold that flashlight closer to the cliff so I won’t stumble”, said Juan as he slowly scaled downward to the caldera of the active volcano known as Pinatubo on the Island of Luzon in the Philippines.  Carlos said nothing as he slowly descended down the cavern in a zombie like stupor on a pulley support rope. All the while Carbo’s hench molecules Flame, Toasty and Smother were floating nearby perspiring using all their psychic energy to make the poor humans in their captivity do their bidding. Carlos was heavily laden with high explosives in his backpack. Both humans were struggling against the will of the molecules knowing that what they were forced to do would bring death and destruction to their villages and family near Mount Pinatubo.

Carbo had determined in 1991 that he needed to snooker the masses of humanity into believing that the planet was not warming up yet again; thus, slowing down scientist’s efforts at persuading the powers that be to turn away from fossil fuels. By this time Carbo knew that volcanic eruptions, if powerful enough, would temporarily cool the planet. Carbo also was aware that Hetia wouldn’t like his scheme to blow up a volcano, so he kept his plans secret from her.  After his minions did a lot of searching for a couple of years, by 1991 Carbo decided to activate Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines. He wanted an eruption that would be strong enough to temporarily cool the planet but not so strong that the Earth would be sent into a mini ice age, thus killing so many people that carbon emitting pollution would slow down and not release  “his friends” from there underground imprisonment. The dormant volcano under Yellowstone in the U.S. would be too powerful a blast. Also, he needed to use at least a couple of humans as slaves since his Hench molecules had no hands and could not use tools. It would take his finest hench molecules to psychically control a couple of humans. Even Carbo did not have the power to move the smallest of physical objects that could not be blown around by his breath let alone manipulate and time explosives.

Juan was a very strong, young man full of promise and energy before coming under the influence of Smother the prior day that he was forced into the jungle where the Carbo’s Hench molecules had found a lost access cave to Pinatubo. Juan struggled mightily against the will of Smother but to no avail. After Juan and Carlos had descended to the floor of the cave, they took the explosives out of their back packs and were willfully forced to put the devices into two crevices. Timers were set then the two humans scaled back up the cliff towards the secret entrance. The plan was to release the humans back into their village after a thorough brain washing, which would take the rest of the day’s energy from Toasty, Flame, and Smother. Smother, however, for a split instance out of curiosity gazed at bubbling mud and magma well below the level of the crevices at the very base of the cave. In that instant Juan wrestled his will away from his mind master, unleashed his tether, and bodily fell onto Smother saying, “I don’t know what type of devil you are, but I’m going to take you down with me.” The beach ball size Smother had been floating under the poor human slaves while Flame and Toasty had been floating out of reach above the men. Surprised, stunned, and very tired from his psychic efforts, Smother fell about a mile right into the bubbling magma along with Juan. Carbo had lost a Hench molecule and the Philippines had lost a brave soul. Knowing that the timers were set, Toasty and Flame got very angry and willfully made the remaining human, Carlos, fall as well into the magma then quickly rose out of the cave. After a few minutes, their dirty work was done. The subsequent earthquake from the explosives eventually led to a series of eruptions causing a substantial cool down of the planet through the middle 1990’s.

Dr. Carson, Thermo and the rest of the climatologists got the news of the eruption and calculated that the planet would cool not knowing that this was all Carbo’s doing and not a natural eruption (which it was in the real world). Would the reprieve in global warming fool a lot of people?  The answer was yes, of course.  Carbo had won the day.


In reality, Mount Pinatubo is an active volcano located on the island of Luzon in the Philippines, which blew on June 15, 1991. Of course, simple explosives can’t set off a volcano. Massive internal pressure on the Earth’s crust produces the fissures that lead to volcanoes. The effects of the eruption were felt worldwide as temperatures fell by about one-degree Fahrenheit over the next year. Some meteorologists I knew at the time discounted man- made climate change because of the cooling effects planetary wide from the eruption. Yes, the chilling effects from a large eruption masked the carbon pollution problem. Climatologist’s models in the early and middle 1990’s confirmed what an eruption of the magnitude of Pinatubo could do; thus, reaffirming some aspects of climate science.

The text and artwork are copyright by Guy Walton. I would like to get this book published. Please drop me a note if you are willing to help.

My friend Alyssa Josue drew the art.

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