World of Thermo… Story 17… Kudzu

Story 17.                                             Kudzu

Carbo was furious after the drought of 1988/1989 ended. The head of the bloated CO2 molecules realized that through Thermo, the climate world would soon know of his existence. He wanted to lash out at all of the climate scientists that had discovered that he and his minions were responsible for the Earth’s warming trend. Dr. Emanuel Carson, after hearing that Carbo was manipulating mankind, was aghast. He knew that all scientists in the climate field were in danger. Dr. Carson through secret and coded messages contacted as many climate scientists as possible in less than twenty-four hours using Thermo as a relay. Thermo had to fly near the edge of space as high as his jets could operate to be that relay. Knowledgeable scientists were instructed to leave their homes, laboratories and offices and hide in public view, such as in subways.

At that time in early 1990 many scientists were butchered by Carbo’s hench molecules, which recognized them from their printed work from the past. They mainly used asphyxiation to choke their victims…physically removing oxygen atoms from human noses choking victims as they slept. Dr. Carson instructed the survivors to go to caves and establish lairs and go sleepless for as long as possible, but how to hide the lairs?  Thermo who was now a fully grown and mature instrument entering early adulthood had marveled how in the Deep South of the U.S. kudzu had taken over much of the landscape during the summer.  Kudzu was also great at converting Carbo’s minions into oxygen and a great camouflage, so why not use the vine to hide caves?

Thermo approached an overgrown, unused plot of land in middle Mississippi and landed right in the middle of a huge patch of kudzu. To Thermo’s surprise one of the vines came to life and said “Hello, I am part of the Vine of Life, who are you?”  Thermo quickly described himself, his father, and the desperate straits his human friends were in. The vine, being very friendly, agreed to help. Thermo was able to quickly transport vines to the mouths of temperate zone caves all over the planet. Upon further instructions from Carson, scientists moved and hid in caves covered with the vine. Kudzu prevented Carbo and his minions from attacking the new lairs.  The vines were instructed, however, to never grow very far from the lairs since they were not indigenous to most areas where there were hidden caves. The vines retreated to inner portions of each cave before frost, and were cared for in subsequent years by the scientists.

A couple of hench molecules named Smokey and Hokey tried to move into a cave in the Appalachians sensing that perhaps members of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration might be inside. Smokey got smoked by the first vine while a second hiccupped after downing Hokey. For the first-time Carbo said to himself, “Argh! I’m foiled by some stupid plants!” not knowing that Thermo and Dr. Carson were behind the ingenious camouflage idea.


In real life, of course, carbon dioxide is not attacking anyone let alone climate scientists. Climate scientists and some environmentalists have been attacked, harassed and killed in support for their theories, however. One such environmentalist was “Doc” Gerry Ortega of the Philippines.

Murders and threats on what is promoted as the Southeast Asian nation’s last ecological frontier are emblematic of a struggle across that country, where dozens of environment campaigners have been killed over the past decade.

A hit man in March 2011 shot Mr. Ortega in the head while browsing in a second-hand clothes shop along one of the main roads of Palawan’s capital city, Puerto Princesa.

The murdered Ortega, 47, a veterinarian by trade, made many enemies via a daily radio morning show he hosted in which he lambasted politicians whom he accused of being corrupt and allowing the island’s natural resources to be pillaged. Of course, other more famous climate scientists, such as Dr. James Hansen, have been harassed and see hate mail at times from people who adamantly cannot believe that the human race should not change because of the global warming problem.

The text and artwork are copyright by Guy Walton. I would like to get this book published. Please drop me a note if you are willing to help.

My friend Alyssa Josue drew the art.

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