World of Thermo… Story 15… A Presidential Brainwashing

Story 15.                                  A Presidential Brainwashing

Hmm, thought Carbo, “What can I do to make these humans burn more gasoline? They still are not releasing enough trapped prehistoric carbon molecules. I want to release ALL carbon trapped in the ground that are my sentient friends.  In the last few years I don’t like the trends. First there was the Arab oil embargo making all of that gasoline expensive for the number one using country of energy, the United States. That action led to the suggestion of conservation by their President Jimmy Carter. On top of everything that’s gone wrong, as an example, that darn president put solar panels on top of the White House. I’m going to have to put a stop to this.”

Carbo, of course, through his hench molecules had been manipulating human history since the late 1800’s. This time, he decided to personally intervene. His first act of the 1980’s was to put an end to the Iranian hostage situation the very day that Reagan was inaugurated to be President in early 1981 by having his microscopic hench molecules move in and out of the brains of all the negotiators involved using psychic abilities to resolve the crisis. After Reagan was elected the price of gasoline fell precipitously.

All concerted, national efforts to curb energy use fell by the wayside during the 1980’s. The national speed limit was raised back above 55 mph on U.S. freeways. Previously President Carter had lowered the speed limit to 55 mph to conserve energy. In 1986 Reagan decided to remove Carter’s solar panels from the roof of the White House after a thorough brain washing by Carbo. That move signaled to the rest of the planet that a move away from fossil fuels was not going to happen since the U.S., by that point in history, was the world leader by example. If a real Superman had X-ray vision, it would have been a sight to see Carbo, which was invisible to the unknowing Secret Service, move around the Oval Office. Alas, Carbo was snickering all the way to the carbon dioxide bank by the end of the decade. Needless to write, to much dismay, Dr. Carson’s curve measured from Mauna Loa was steadily rising up with no end in sight.

Dr. Carson and Thermo were thinking, “What on Earth is going on?  It seems like with every move we make the poor humans aren’t changing their behavior. Just about all of our fellow scientist are in agreement. It’s almost as if there was divine intervention working against us.” Little did they know that the sentient Carbo was the molecule to blame.


In the real world there were no malevolent bunch of molecules, such as Carbon and his hench molecules, manipulating oil interests from the late 70’s into the 1980’s much less the U.S. Government,  but there is strong evidence that the Saudis and other foreign oil producing interests made an effort to keep oil prices low and the oil spigots flowing during the 1980’s. The price of fossil fuels became so low that there was almost no need for conservation from Reagan’s presidency through the end of the 20th century. Due to a lack of consensus on how bad global warming could get during the 1980’s Reagan may have had an excuse for his actions. Trump does not.

The text and artwork are copyright by Guy Walton. I would like to get this book published. Please drop me a note if you are willing to help.

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