World of Thermo… Story 3… Twista and Twisto Start to Swirl

Story 3.         Twista and Twisto Start to Swirl  from World of Thermo…..An Unfortunate Release

After their encounter with Wispy, Fluffy became curious about the cloud formations, or storms, that were in the far distance over the Plains.  Fluffy suggested to Puffy and Thermo that they see what those clouds were doing.  Thermo said, “O.K. but we’ll need to be very careful. I don’t like the look of those clouds. They appear like they are big and angry unlike you two friends. Remember Puffy, you almost turned into one of those storms.” The gang traveled over the Plains for about a hundred miles then halted their approach once Thermo had determined that there was a safe distance for observation where there was little chance of the big storms noticing the very small cumulous clouds.

After a few minutes of observation one of the storms appeared to grow very large. The base of the storm began to rotate and grow dark. The top of the storm was massive and tall, higher than most of the surrounding storms.  In a few more moments what looked like a large finger began to spin under the storm.   The finger became a big funnel and started to sprout a evil looking set of eyes complete with female lashes that only the Wicked Witch of the West would wear from the Wizard of Oz.

The quickly forming, spinning funnel opened its eyes and quickly spied Thermo, Fluffy and Puffy in the distance. The storm started to move closer to the alarm of the trio.  In a loud, husky voice the funnel said, “My name is Twista. Why are you spying on the Clan of the Storms?”

In a pathetic and sheepish retort Puffy said, “We were just curious about some cloud formations in the distance.”

After briefly kicking up some dust and debris Twista, said “O.K. little clouds and you weird, flying square thing, leave us be or I will swallow you!  I am the Queen of the Storms. My king and husband Twisto, who toys with those puny human’s buildings for fun, will be along soon. He is much sterner than I am when spied upon. He’s even known to kill some humans when they are trying to foolishly use cameras recording his presence. Twisto has crushed many structures and tossed around toys that the humans refer to as cars and trucks.  I only uproot trees while my husband sometimes goes out of his way to cause chaos depending on his mood.  Now scat before Twisto comes your way!”

Very much alarmed Twisto, Puffy and Fluffy flew southward into the clear skies far away from the line of storms producing chaos over the Plains.  The trio would avoid more encounters with Twista and Twisto in the future.


In the real world of meteorology, a storm in which the base of the cloud begins to rotate is known as a “super-cell”.  Given the correct conditions some super cells can form tornadoes, which Thermo, Puffy and Fluffy saw on this little excursion. Tornadoes are categorized by their strength on a scale from one to five called the “Fujita Scale”.  Those puny humans with cameras like to call themselves “storm-chasers”.  Storm-chasers who know what they are doing and take proper precautions are rarely in dagger if losing their lives. Brilliant photography and footage, which gets better with each passing year from storm-chasers, both is awe inspiring to look at and aids the science of tornado research.

The text and artwork are copyright by Guy Walton. I would like to get this book published. Please drop me a note if you are willing to help.

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